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I started drawing around 8 years old, and painted throughout high school for family and friends.   When I was 14 I won a National contest for drawing and embarked on a 4 year home correspondence course in art.  After high school I entered New England School of Art and Design in Boston and in 1971 graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.   Painting was just a hobby back then.

My many years of experience in various aspects of art include the following: 
  • Computer generated art

  • Commercial brand identity creation

  • Caricatures

  • Desktop publishing

  • Printing and publishing

  • Painting

My skills landed me jobs in graphic design, marketing and corporate image identity in New York City and also when I moved to Boston. These skills help me today in designing a mural.  I often walk around the home to see what elements I can add to the mural so that it ties everything in.   Sometimes it is a design from a piece of furniture or fabric that can be implemented in the mural itself.   I have created murals, where I have received inspiration from a bouquet of flowers, or a nursery where the bedding, is transformed into a magical scene of a never ending story that surrounds you.  Anything is possible. 

My initial contact with the client by phone, and also on the first meeting is where I already start formulating ideas.  Talking with the children themselves, if it is a child's room, or having them show me their favorite toys and books and stories aides in developing their mural and makes each one of them very, very personal. 

Every mural I paint is one of a kind made especially for you.  I strive for that unique blend of quality and personal attention to detail which are key factors for the kind of work I want to achieve.

I live in Newton, Massachusetts and travel throughout the New England area.

I am willing to travel wherever the story takes me to paint.

~  Antoinette M. Virgilio ~

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