Wall Murals

Have you ever imagined being somewhere else?  That is exactly what I can do for you. In your living room, bath, kitchen, playroom, nursery, bedroom, hall, office or place of business.  I can capture your imagination and surround you with it. I paint murals and to me they are Magical...

The Magic begins for me when I start sketching on the wall.  I didn't notice it at first, but it truly does happen.  It grows and changes and keeps going till the mural is complete.  Sometimes I have a very simple sketch - then when I start drawing it out on the wall it gets transformed and molded into the wall area, around corners, windows, over doors, whatever is in the way just disappears and the story continues; wall to wall, floor to ceiling, up and down and all around, it surrounds you. It is a panorama that seems endless.  It flourishes and grows into the area so when I am painting I am actually "painting away" the wall surface to show you the story underneath.  I open the door for you!

I call it "Magical" because for me it's forever adding and creating as I sketch and also as I am painting, ideas keep popping into my mind and always improve the mural.  I always stay with the scene approved by the client; the "Magic" only enhances it.  My clients are always amazed and thrilled with the results.

I have had clients that like the element of surprise, so after approving the storyboards and then the drawing of the sketch on the wall, they do not look or peek until I am finished with the mural.  The extreme feeling of seeing it all finished and complete is so overwhelmingly exciting for them, that it is a total rush.

I also have clients that like to see every brush stroke, and watch the daily progress as it appears out of the wall, either way it doesn't matter to me.  I am in my own trance, my own world, I just paint.  If something doesn't feel right for you, I change it.  Anything can be changed; I just paint over it and try something different.

I love what I do and making my clients happy and being proud of my work is what I strive for.  I enjoy saying "Yea! I did that!"

Is there an area that you would love to have transformed into a magical place?  A place you can dream and just let your mind imagine...

Go ahead......Open the door to YOUR never ending story...

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