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Dog Alphabet Bedroom

This room was already painted dark violet on the bottom half and a lighter violet on the top half. My job was to paint a border where the colors meet with written sayings of opposites all around the room. I was to match the colors of the bedding, rug and furniture in the room. Her two year old little girl loved dogs and there was a dog design on the rug and bedding, which was flat 1 dimensional, that she wanted me to use. She had said to me, "If it was up to my husband he'd have you paint all the alphabet and the countries of the world on the wall. He wants it to be interactive not just pretty." That is all I needed to hear. The ideas just started flowing. The dog in C is "climbing", the dog in "D" is going down. The one in "R" is running and so forth, even the numbers have the respective paw prints around them.

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